IIT JAM Coaching For Students

If you are planning to take the IIT JAM, then it is the best , if you have this vision right from your graduation. For if you are clear that you will be appearing for JAM IIT, you may start your preparations while studying for your graduation itself. Most of the questions are asked from graduation level. This also means that you have to be very thorough with your graduation syllabus. Try to have clear concepts as well as understanding about each topic. While you are preparing for your JAM, there may not be much time to go to your first year or second year degree course, so keep making notes as you are studying for graduation.


For IIT JAM, the questions are usually from graduation. If you have prepared well for your graduation, then you stand at an advantage while taking JAM IIT. Nevertheless it is a good idea to set aside 3 to 4 hours of study for JAM at least for a year.

There are various IIT JAM Coaching institutes that provide IIT JAM coaching. You may opt for one, if you desire. That will provide you a structured way of learning.

Get Aware with syllabus

Depending on the IIT JAM course that you are opting for, get acquainted with the JAM syllabus. The syllabus is announced by the organizing institute or respective institutes well in advance. Be sure to prepare each as well as every topic that has been mentioned in the syllabus.

 Solve Past Question Papers

Solving past years question papers will not only provide you an insight into what to expect but will also make you confident on the day of the exam. Past years question papers will also allow you to have an idea of the occurrence of the questions from various topics. The past years questions are either available online or can be bought easily.

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